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General Manager Sharipov Oleg Nikolaevich

General Manager Sharipov Oleg Nikolaevich

Smith workshop «Plastic metal» was founded in the small industrial town Prokopyevsk, in 2004. The idea to create the company was a family history of the General Manager Sharipov Oleg Nikolaevich. His grandfather was a blacksmith, and from early childhood he taught his grandson to blacksmith, handing on the trade secrets and traditions of the Russian blacksmith school.

Today, «Plastic metal» is a dynamically developing company with growing prospects and ambitious targets.

Mission: the object of our company to transfer experience and craft our grandfathers future generation, improve skills with every blow of the hammer and delight customers with beautiful things, in which a part of the Russian soul was laid.

The achievements: over the years of company existence, «Plastic metal» sponsored in many social projects and gave the city, the region and the village its products, so that things would satisfy their city-folks.

A special value for our company are the clients. Our masters embody the ideas of the customers in the metal, creating unique and individual projects. One of the new directions of development, the company has chosen the creation of forged furniture and interior accessories that will put posh accents in your interior and highlight the individual style of the customer. The combination of advanced technology with traditional, time-tested and extensive experience allow us to maintain the high quality and aesthetic level of our work.

Blacksmith’s workshop «Plastic metal» will be glad to see you among our clients and can guarantee you an individual approach and flexible pricing policy!


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